EM Cosmetics Unboxing + First Impressions

https://www.youtube.com/embed/9XrJg-WOga0 I went on a bit of an EM Cosmetics shopping spree, woohoo! For those of you that don't know, EM Cosmetics is founded by Michelle Phan. She is one of the OG beauty content creators on Youtube who went on to create her own empire of 9+ million followers on Youtube, IPSY (a makeup… Continue reading EM Cosmetics Unboxing + First Impressions

Neon Rainbow Makeup Tutorial

https://youtu.be/MNWwQ3mY4_o I've been feeling a little blue from quarantine, so to cheer myself up, I decided to create a neon rainbow look! I used my favorite Juvias Place Zulu palette which has the most vibrant colorful shadows ever. It's a perfect party look to wear on all your Zoom calls with your friends, LOL. :P… Continue reading Neon Rainbow Makeup Tutorial

Bored at home? Here Are 50 Things You Can Do

Y'all. Quarantine cabin fever has been so real. Is anyone else running out of things to do like I am? In today's video I'm sharing 50 things you can do at home (or outside!) while practicing social/physical distancing. We all have too much time up our hands and I know it's easy to get in… Continue reading Bored at home? Here Are 50 Things You Can Do

50 Things To Do At Home During Lockdown

How is everyone doing so far? I am thinking about all of you and am sending lots of energy your way. Los Angeles is officially in its third week of lockdown, and to say it's been challenging coming up with things to do has been difficult. So I thought I would stray a little bit… Continue reading 50 Things To Do At Home During Lockdown

Sunset Monolid Makeup Tutorial

Los Angeles is practicing social (and physical) distancing at this time and we are moving into the third week of staying at home. The vibe here in the city has been depressing, so to brighten up my day, I created a warm, summery, sunset makeup look. It's a soft, wearable look for any occasion. Please… Continue reading Sunset Monolid Makeup Tutorial

Faded Clementine Makeup Look

Hey all, What a weird time we are living in right now. Seriously, is everyone okay? I live in Los Angeles and we are having an intense lockdown -- all our schools, gyms, libraries, zoos, movie theaters, etc. are all closed down. Social distancing is highly encouraged and we aren't even allowed to dine in… Continue reading Faded Clementine Makeup Look