HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone! May the next year bring only more success, light, love, happiness, $$$, and peace into your lives.

We’re officially in 2018. It’s a fresh new start, and I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling lots of hope. 2017 was a great year for me but I’m hoping for 2018 will bring out the best version of ME by further fortifying my strengths and bolstering my weaknesses.

Here are my 2018 new year resolutions. Mind you, it’s a long list. I’ve divided them into different categories:

A   S T R O N G E R   H E A R T   &   M I N D 

  • Less Focus On Others, More Focus On Me – It might be due to me growing up in an Asian family where the sense of familial duty (i.e. not bringing shame to your family, constantly being ambitious, looking good if not better than your neighbors, etc.) runs very strong. And it could also be that I’m human, just like everyone else.
    I find it difficult to not care what other people think about me. I won’t deny that I’m getting better at it, but I do notice I avoid events, situations, and/or decisions that might make me look ‘silly’ or ‘stupid’. It’s made me miss many amazing opportunities in my life.
    This year, I’m hoping to check in by asking myself, “If other people and failures weren’t a factor, would you still want to go ahead with [insert whatever it is I want to pursue]?” If the answer is YES, then I know I need to stop living in my head and create ACTION.
  • Less Thinking. More ACTION – Ties in with the previous point mentioned above. It’s so easy to remain in inertia, constantly planning but never executing. To succeed, you need momentum; to create momentum, you have to force yourself to move. I’m hoping to create more proactive movement in 2018.
  • Less DoomsDay thinking. More HOPE – I admit it: I’m afraid of failure. Though we can learn the most from our failures, let’s face it – it fucking sucks. When it comes to taking a risk in personal relationships or business ventures, I always find myself obsessing over the consequences more than the rewards I could obtain. This year, I’m hoping to focus more on what I can gain.

A   F L O U R I S H I N G   B U S I N E S S 

  • 1% More Every Day – Some people I know have AMAZING work habits. They’re like marathon runners: they can work for hours and days at a time to reach their goals. They’re consistent with set morning/night routines and can perform daily tasks like a well oiled machine.
    I have decent work habits, but I’m definitely not a marathon runner. And while I would love to have the strong discipline like my marathon workaholic friends, I know the truth: I’m more a sprinter. I can get all the work done I need within a three hour span with intense concentration and gusto but after that, I need a break. Sometimes though, I can get so wrapped up in my work that I forget to take a break. Subsequently, I crash and burn for a couple of days. Kind of like a work binge. It’s not very pleasant.
    I’m hoping this year I can adopt a less binge-y work style. Instead of panicking and thinking all of this work has to be done NOW like a hare, I’ll be reaching for 1% more everyday like the tortoise. Slow and steady wins the ultimate life race, right?
  • Youtube – Gaining 500 subscribers on Youtube by December 2018.
  • Creating Content – Creating new content on all social media platforms (WP, FB, Insta, Youtube) every week.

H E A L T H Y   F I N A N C E S 

  • Living Within My Means – Pretty self explanatory. Spending LESS than what I make. Not getting caught up by all the glitz and glamour because at the end of day, it’s just things.

N O U R I S H I N G   H E A L T H

  • A Better Diet – Especially when I’m fatigued and stressed from work, I eat very poorly. It’s so easy to eat the sodium-filled instant ramens and sweet chocolates to fuel my energy than to actually cook a decent meal. For 2018, I’ll be adopting a healthier diet by meal prepping during the weekends.
  • Eating Out Less – Eating out can be really expensive, but it can also be very unhealthy. After I finish a meal at a restaurant, my mouth immediately feels parched and dry – they’ve used MSG in their foods. One definite pro of cooking for yourself is that you know what you’re putting into your body.


Okay guys, that’s pretty much it for my 2018 New Year Resolutions. What are your resolutions for this year? Any new changes you want to make? Please share them in the comments down below.


Photo by from Pexels