AUTUMN IS OFFICIALLY HERE!!! Are you guys excited for chilly weather? All the pumpkin spice lattes, the hot spicy soups, warm cardigans, cute sweaters…! I’m definitely stoked as this is my favorite season to dress up for. Bring on the cute boots, hoodies, scarves, and more!

Buuuut we gotta say goodbye to summer 2018. It was a good season and I definitely racked up some favorites which I want to share with you in this video:


Smith’s Rosebud Lip Salve Balm – This stuff has been saving my lips throughout the summer! In Los Angeles we get dry heat. Consequently, no matter how much you stay hydrated and run your tongue over your lips, your lips will stay patchy and cracked.

I’ve become very picky about lip balm over the years because many of them don’t moisturize my lips anymore. I avoid EOS lip balms because I have gotten allergic reactions to them. I also avoid Burt’s Bees because they don’t moisturize my lips either. The list goes on and on.

The only lip balm that has consistently kept my lips moisturized and supple has been rose salve. I love both Smith’s and C.O. Bigelow’s versions. Check out both if you’re having trouble with your lips as well!

Benefit Dallas Face Powder –
When I first started getting into makeup about eight years ago, this was my go-to blush! After a few diligent years of consistent use, I decided to move on from Benefit’s Dallas to explore other products out there.

I’m so glad I rediscovered this over the summer. It is simply stunning and for those of you who are also paled skinned, you’ll be able to double this up as both contour and blush.

It’s a neutral plum shade with a little bit of glitter to give you a splendid (but natural) glow. It does a brilliant job of giving you that sun-kissed look while chiseling out your cheekbones, forehead, and jawline.

The brush that’s included inside isn’t the best brush on the market, but I do use it frequently to apply my blush on the go. Portable and convenient, how nice is that?

Kat Von D Alchemist Palette –
I bought this a year ago and I can’t believe I didn’t even crack it open to dip a brush in! It just sat there for many months, lol…

The colors are divine, guys. I love how opaque all the shadows are. In addition, all the shades are unpredictable – depending on which eyeshadow or lipstick shade you have on, you can get a completely different color every time you apply one of these. Think of it as an eyeshadow/lipstick topper. Makes your makeup routine a little more interesting, right? J

Olivia Burton’s 3D Rose Gold Chocolate Bee watch –
Before this, I seriously thought I would never be a ‘watch’ person. You know, those people who like to wear watches on their wrists and actually rely on its functionality (instead of just looking at your phone for the time).

But in my line of work, I have to constantly be on my feet and walk around while being punctual. Unfortunately sometimes I forget to take my phone with me – which means I’m relying on everyone else for the time. It wasn’t making my work efficient, hence why I began to contemplate on purchasing a watch.

I could’ve gotten something much cheaper, but your girl here is very extra and wanted to wear something she’ll like for many years to go. So here you go: Olivia Burton’s 3D Rose Gold Chocolate Bee Watch. It’s definitely not minimalistic with the bee in the middle of clock’s face – but I immediately fell in love with the color scheme and design.

I’ve had it for about three months and it’s become my lovely sidekick that rests nicely on my left wrist. My only complaint would be that the pink strap gets dirty easily. But with a wet wipe, it usually cleans up pretty easily.

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite (White version) –
One of my biggest New Years’ resolutions has been to read more. And ever since I bought my kindle, that resolution is finally coming into fruition.

I make it a nightly ritual to read at least a couple of minutes before bed. It decompresses me better than any meditation can. Plus I’ve been learning a lot which feels wonderful.

I know ebooks can be expensive, so if you’re looking to read more without having to spend money I definitely recommend you visit: Overdrive will connect you to your local library where you can borrow books online! How cool is that?


What are you favorites? 😉 Let me know in the comments down below.


Until next time!



FYI: Nothing in this video is sponsored.