Hey all,

What a weird time we are living in right now. Seriously, is everyone okay? I live in Los Angeles and we are having an intense lockdown — all our schools, gyms, libraries, zoos, movie theaters, etc. are all closed down. Social distancing is highly encouraged and we aren’t even allowed to dine in at a restaurant.

I went out today to get some cupcakes to-go, and it was shocking what a ghost-town LA has turned into. The traffic was extremely light at 3pm, which is unheard of in LA. The streets were eerily quiet, and everyone who passed by each other made a point to walk around each other. If anyone coughed, people freezed up and would look to see who it was. What a weird time we’re all living in… everyone please stay safe. I am wishing all of you and your families lots of healing and light during this time.

I’m doing okay. It feels weird having so much time up my hands, because my work has shut down because of Covid19. We won’t be in session for at least two weeks. So here I am, creating Youtube videos and making lemons out of lemonades:)

I hope you enjoy this look. I’ve been a humongous fan of Michelle Phan, and when she relaunched Em Cosmetics, I was so excited to try out the products. The lip clouds are my favorites, so I created a look around the “Faded Clementine” lip cloud which has been applied to my cheeks, eyes, and lips.

Let me know what you think:) Are you also a fan of Em Cosmetics?

Here are also some pics from the shoot: