Hello everyone! Today I’m reviewing and swatching the Slip Shine Sheer Shiny Lipsticks from Fenty Beauty. I had heard amazing things about the Fenty Brand (founded by the pop superstar Rihanna), so I decided to purchase these lipsticks.

They are $22 a pop, so definitely on the higher price range of makeup products. The main question I wanted to answer was, “Are they worth buying at $22 per lipstick?”

Feel free to either watch the video down below or read my $0.02 down below in writing! I review everything from packaging, smell, formula, application, and also show swatches on both the hand and on the lips.

I didn’t want to break the bank so I bought two shades from this brand called “Quartz Candy” and “Makeout Break”. On the Fenty Beauty website, Quartz Candy is a completely sheer lipstick with pink iridescence. The shade Makeout Break is described as a latte nude. Here are some swatches on the hand:

Swipe the arrows side to side to see swatches for Quartz Candy and Makeout Break
Quartz Candy on the left, Makeout Break on the right.


Made out of plastic. Considering it’s worth $22, I was expecting a bit more quality in terms of packaging. The lid is extremely light as it’s made out of cheap plastic. The actual lipstick tube is made out of metal, so there is more weight to that area.

I love the packaging design though and was a little sad the camera couldn’t pick up on the small details. It’s a milky ivory colored, hexagonal lipstick tube that looks almost futuristic with its reflective (almost holographic?) outer coating. Not going to lie, there have been some moments where I have rotated the lipstick around, entranced by the prism, reflective like qualities of the packaging lol.

Smell | Fragrance:

GUYS. The smell that wafts from the lipstick bullet is just divine. I actually think I may addicted to this smell lol. It’s a lovely vanilla fragrance that’s not too overpowering or strong. It makes the overall application process very pleasant.

Even people who are sensitive to smells (like me!) will definitely enjoy it as well.


On the actual packaging, it makes the claim, “Sheer color. Full on shine. Moisture-lock comfort with every swipe.” It definitely intrigued me and I think that statement is what really pushed me over the edge to purchase these lipsticks.

So, does it live up its claim? Yes. These lipsticks are definitely sheer and I especially love how Quartz Candy shows off a beautiful full on shine that makes your lips look extra pouty, luscious, and big. Additionally, they are also very moisturizing; you might as well treat them as a colored lip balm in a lipstick form.

There were a few grumbles I did have with the lipsticks, especially Makeout Break though. On the Fenty Beauty website, pictures for Makeout Break looked a lot more opaque. I was expecting the shades to be sheer, but was disappointed by how sheer Makeout Break was compared the website photos.

The other complaint I have with Makeout Break was the actual application. I was shocked by how the lines on my lips and any small little flakes were enhanced in an unflattering way. Considering this is a creamy, moisurizing formula that glides on well, I was disappointed with how Makeout Break made my lips looks. People who are low maintenance may have to prep their lips with lip balm and exfoliation before applying this. Another idea to prevent this may be to line your lips with a lipliner before applying this on top.

Final Thoughts:

Out of both shades, I would definitely say Quartz Candy is my favorite. I love the pink sparkles in the shade, it definitely adds an extra va-va-voom OOMPH! to your look. It’s definitely more bang for my buck as I can use it by itself or apply it on top of any matte lipstick/lipliner shade I want. It definitely created a 3D look that just made my lips look extra luscious.

No surprise here, I was disappointed with Makeout Break. The way the formula wore on my lips was regretful.

So, are they worth $22? Eh, depends on which shades you decide to get as they can be hit or miss. I wouldn’t be mad though if they were more along the $16-$18 mark.

I won’t be buying anymore, but will definitely be enjoying the ones I do have with its yummy vanilla fragrance and moisturizing formula.

You can check out the Fenty Beauty Quartz Candy and Makeout Break shades here: https://bit.ly/34LFnAG

Thanks for reading! See you next time,

Not sponsored. Purchased with my own $.