Here is a warm smokey eye makeup tutorial for beginners! It is a warm, orange smokey eye makeup look that I created using the Too Faced Salted Caramel eyeshadow palette. I have been loving the Too Faced Salted Caramel palette as the eyeshadow color payoff has been so scrumptiously yummy (figuratively speaking, lol) on the eyes.

Feel free to watch the video and/or read the step-by-step tutorial down below!

Let’s Start By Hydrating the Lips

I have chronic dry lips so I am starting off by using this lovely Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner. With its amazing rose scent, it really sets that relaxing mood for me as I start my makeup! Anyone else a big fan of anything that’s rose scented?

Prep the Face With Primer

I have been loving this Rare Beauty mini face primer. Not only is it cooling, I love the dreamy, moisturizing texture that leaves my skin looking radiant and plump. My pores are bigger around my cheek and forehead area, so I’ll be focusing the product on the center of my face. Any excess can be spread out evenly to the other areas of the face.

Apply Foundation

Here is the Bareminerals BarePRO Foundation that I have been loving for the past couple of years. I am using the shade 08 Golden Ivory — it is light/medium coverage and has a natural matte finish that evens out my skintone wonderfully. It also does a great job of making my skin just look like skin. Nothing cakey, nothing unnatural.

One pump is usually enough to cover my entire face and neck.

Using the Baremierals angled foundation brush, I am using the angled side to lightly blend the product into my skin. By the way, I highly recommend this brush if you’re looking for a longlasting foundation brush! It blends the foundation in seamlessly and never has any fallout of brush hairs.

Conceal Any Blemishes, Dark Circles, Etc.

Now I’m using Rare Beauty’s concealer in the shade 190W.

Recently I changed up the way I apply my concealer. Before I used to use generous amounts of product to create a triangle under my eyes and almost create a second layer of foundation onto my face.

Nowadays I like to use minimal product to create a less cakey, more natural look. I only apply to the areas that I feel need support – under my eyes, the redness near my nose, and any blemishes and pimples I may have. Just a few dots in some areas and I’m good to go!

Using a concealer brush from EcoTools, I’m using a light patting motion to blend it into the skin. I also use light swiping motions on the undereye area to pull some of the product up and out towards the outer corner of my eyes. The eye will look more lifted and perky while no extra product sits on the skin. 

Set The Makeup With Powder

Now let’s set the concealer with the Kat Von D Lock It Translucent Powder. I have been loving this powder as it is finely milled.

Using a Laura Mercier poof, I am gently pressing it into the powder. Then, like a hotdog bun, I fold the poof in half before gently rubbing it together so the product is being dispersed evenly.

Press it gently onto your face. I usually focus the powder onto the areas where I put on concealer, such as the undereye area.

Chisel Out The Features

Here is the Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Almond. I’ll be using this cool, taupe color as my contour today.

I’m applying it to my cheekbones, jawline, and nose to chisel out the features. I have a big forehead so I also like to apply the Match Stix to the top of my forehead, right where the hairline begins. Makes the forehead smaller 😉

Use a Beauty Blender to diffuse and blend the product.

Prep The Eyes With Primer

I jumped on the bandwagon by buying MAC’s Soft Ochre Paint Pot. This eye primer has been lovely in neutralizing my darker eyelids while also prepping my eyes. I am applying it to the entire upper lid area and lower lashline.

Creating The Eyeshadow Look

Now let’s get into the eyeshadows by using the Too Faced Salted Caramel palette! Personally, I think the showstopper here is this beautiful, warm orange shade.

Dipping a fluffy blending brush into this color, I am using a window wiper motion to create a half moon crescent shape on my monolids. When I was younger I had a really hard time trying to find the right look for my eyes shape, but that definitely doesn’t stop me from creating a crease. Simply follow the ball of the eye and blend the color in. I’m also gently pulling the color outward to create an elongated cat eye shape.

Going into this lovely rose shade, I’m going to apply it in the same area where I applied the orange. This is going to create more oomph and drama in the eyes.

Now let’s mix these two darker shades together. With a flat eyeshadow brush, I am going to pack these two colors onto the outer corner of my eyes. Using a side-to-side motion, I’m slowly blending the color up towards my brow and also pulling the color diagonally up as well.
For a more connected, seamless look, I’m also applying what’s left over on the brush on outer half of my lower lashline.

I want some va-va-voom in this look, so I’ll be using this NYX glitter primer. Taking a flat concealer brush, I am creating a cut crease just in the inner corner of my eyes.

Going into this shiny amber shade, I am gently patting the color onto the inner half of my eyelid. Because of the sticky residue from the glitter primer, the color payoff is definitely a stronger, don’t you think?

Using a tiny eye brush, I’m also applying the same shade into the inner corners. It definitely creates a more magical, mysterious look.

Now I’m just mixing in the orange and rose shade again and pulling the eye shape out to mimic a cat eye. Usually I don’t like such a dramatic look, but that’s what I really wanted to pull off with this look.

With a mirror on hand, I’m also checking intermittently to make sure both eyes look symmetrical. This part can be a little tricky, so I used a beauty blender with some leftover concealer to shape it correctly.

Tightline Your Upper Lashline

Though black liners can be great, I’ve always leaned more towards dark brown liners. It can create a dramatic look just as well, but in a more subdued, softer way. Here I am tightlining my eyes.

Curl, Lengthen, and Volumize the Lashes

Now let’s lift up the lashes with this Shiseido eyelash curler.

Then I’m using NARS Climax mascara. The wand applicator has many fibers at the end, and I definitely notice lengthening and volumizing with this mascara.

Apply False Lashes

And for extra oomph, I’m also applying false lashes. I usually start at the outer corner first then slowly press it down backwards until I reach the inner corners.

Blush It Up!

To make this more of a cohesive look, I am applying my favorite blush at the moment, which is this Em Cosmetics Faded Clementine. Doesn’t the shade match the eye look?

Let There Be Highlight!

Can’t finish up a glam look without some highlighter. When I saw this gold highlighter from Rare Beauty, I knew I had to have it. Don’t let the gold shade fool you; once it’s blended out, it creates a natural, inner glow kind of finish on your skin.

Glossy Lips

And here’s our final step! I am using Em Cosmetics lip gloss to finish up the look.

Final Look/Pics

And we are done! Here are some more pics of the finished look:

What look should I do next?! Let me know in the comments down below 🙂