Hi! Today I am coming at you with a heart blush makeup tutorial! I recently discovered this cute Kaja Beauty Blush Stamp and I wanted to create my own version of a romantic, pink heart makeup tutorial.

It’s a cute but easy makeup tutorial that beginners can recreate. 🙂 Feel free to watch the video down below and/or continue reading for a detailed tutorial!

Prep Face With Primer

I am starting off by prepping my face with Rare Beauty Illuminating Face Primer. This one is so moisturizing and feel so good on the skin — in fact, I am going to be using this as both my moisturizer and face primer!

I love the natural, inner-glow-from-within, radiant finish this primer creates. For those of you who want to brighten dull skin, I highly recommend you check this primer out!

BB Cream as Base Makeup

Currently this is my favorite bb cream at the moment as it blends easily into the skin. I am a fan of any base makeup that doesn’t cake and has a “I Woke Up Like This” natural skin finish, and IPKN definitely delivers on both fronts.

Apply a small pea size amout onto your hand before applying it to your face and neck. Use your fingers to blend.

Conceal Any Blemishes

Using the Rare Beauty concealer in 190W, I am applying minimal amounts on any areas that need a little support. This includes my undereyes, the redness around my nose, and a pimple on my chin.

I usually don’t break out in my chin area often, but I feel like wearing face masks have been aggravating that area more than usual. Anyone else struggling with face mask pimples?! 🙁

Using a wet Beauty Blender, I am gently blending in the concealer.

Set The Makeup

I have been using this NARS translucent pressed powder for years! The product itself is very light and airy on the skin, it does a great job of setting my makeup. I’ll be using it today to set my concealer.

Using a big powder brush, I am gently pressing the product into the areas where I applied concealer first. Anything product that’s left over, I will apply to the rest of my face. I don’t want to apply too much powder onto my face because I still want that IPKN bb cream finish to look natural and radiant.

Prep The Eyes With Eye Primer

Let’s prep the eyes with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I think this was the first eye primer I bought (ever!) when the Naked palette craze was going on ten years ago.

I know a lot of people like to use concealer as an eye base, but unfortunately I have not been able to find much success in it. The eyeshadow look always seems to fade after a couple of hours. I prefer the waxier texture of eyeshadow primers, it definitely helps with color payoff and making the eyeshadows last longer. 

I’m applying the primer potion onto my upper lids, all the way up to my brow bone. Because my eyes water a lot, I am also applying it to my lower lashline as well! Blend it out nicely with your fingers.


Next let’s go into the Naked 3 palette for Urban Decay. For creating any pink romantic looks, I think this is the classic go-to palette!

Going into the shade called “Limit”, I am going to apply it into my crease as a fluffy blending brush.

Eyeshadow “Limit” in the crease

Next let’s go into the shade called “Trick.” Using a dense, small eyeshadow brush, I’m going to aply this to the center of my eyelid and my entire lower lashline.

Applying “Trick” onto the center of the eyelid and also my entire lower lashline.

To add more extra “Oomph!” to the eyes, I’m now using the shade “Nooner” to darken the outer corner of my eyes.

Use the shade “Nooner” to darken the outer corner of your eyes.

Highlight The Highest Points of Your Face

And let’s perk the eyes with some highlighter! Using the Bonnie Lou Manizer from theBalm, I am applying it to the highest points of my face. That is the inner corners, center of my eyelids, brow bone, nose bridge, cupid’s bow, and the tops of my cheekbones.

Line The Upper Lashline

Now let’s line the upper lashline. I have been loving this waterproof Clio Gel Liner in “Golden Khaki” for YEARS, now. I have nothing but praise for this wonderful Korean brand — the eyeliner glides on so nicely, the formula is creamy, and once it’s set it doesn’t move anywhere for hours.

Perk Up The Lashes

Using the Tarte Sea Surfer Mascara, I am applying it to my upper and lower lashes. This is a good lengthening mascara, but unfortunately doesn’t give much volumization.

For those of you who are looking for an innocent, fresh, perky look to the eyes, this macara is perfect for you!

Apply Sparkly False Lashes

I found these cute, sparkly false lashes from a Korean brand called Darkness. Just to make the look a little more fun and whimsical, I thought these lashes would be perfect for this look.

The lash band was a little stiff, so I did have to bend the band side to side so it would be flexible. Having a flexible lash band will make it easier for the false lashes to stay attached to your eye.

Apply a thin strip of lash glue onto the lash band, wait 30 seconds for it get tacky, then carefully apply it onto upper lashline.

Heart Blush Stamp

Omg, is this not the cutest packaging for a blush?! It’s a blush that acts like a stamp; it’s giving me serious nostalgia of my primary school days when all I lived for was stickers and cute stamps, haha.

After unlocking the applicator, I applied product then carefully pressed it onto my cheek. For those that are unsure of where to place the blush, try placing it about two inches on either side of each nostril. Do try your best to make it symmetrical as you stamp the blush on the other side.

The blush stamp came out a little wonky, so I’ll be using a concealer brush to clean up the edges and spread out the product evenly.

Last Finishing Touches

And we’re almost there! I’m applying this NYX Powder Puff Lippie in the shade “Squad Goals.”

And we’re almost done! I’m applying this Liquid to Powder lippie from Nyx to finish up the look.

The hearts on my cheeks also looked like they didn’t have enough product, so I used the lippie to add some more color as well.

Finished Look

And we are officially finished! Here are some photos of the finished look:

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed this look!

See you in the next one,