Hiiii! Today I created a lovely tangerine makeup look using a full face of Em Cosmetics’ Faded Clementine products. I think it’s the perfect look for the summer, bringing the fun pop of color that’s wearable for any occasion!

Feel free to either watch the video tutorial or read down below for the deets on this look 🙂

Apply Daydream Cushion To The Face

Let’s start by using the Daydream Cushion from Em Cosmetics. I am using the shade called Cloud Dream, which is the lightest shade in this collection. Em Cosmetics has many amazing products, and this one is definitely my favorite. I simply adore the way my skin evens out perfectly while looking dewy, natural, and healthy.

In addition, I have been loving how it easy it is to apply product with the puff. With the teardrop shaped puff, I am patting the product into my skin.

Applying Daydream Cushion with the teardrop shaped puff

Though a first layer has been applied, I would still like to cover the blemishes on my face, the undereye circles, redness around my nose, and more.

Here is where the teardrop shaped puff comes in handy; using the pointy side, I am applying minimal product and gently patting it into my skin to any areas that need extra support. The cushion is buildable: it can be sheer and/or give moderate coverage.

Apply Divine Skies Faded Clementine Eyeshadows To The Eyes

Now let’s go into the Divine Skies Eyeshadow palette in Faded Clementine. It comes with three matte and three shimmer shades for a total of six lovely shades. My favorite has to be the Faded Clementine shade up top; it’s a vivid tangerine shade that I love to use to bring a pop of color to any eye look.

Applying the shade Faded Clementine onto the entire eyelid

Using a fluffy brush, I am tapping off any eyeshadow excess before applying Faded Clementine to my entire eyelid. Don’t let the bright orange shade scare you off – as I blend it upwards into my crease, do you see how it transitions into a fun yet soft pop of color?

Apply the eyeshadow Faded Clementine to the lower lashline as well

Using a flat eyeshadow brush, I’m also going to apply Faded Clementine to my lower lashline as well. Sometimes red toned eyeshadows can make your eyes look bloodshot, so I’m blending it out gently with my fourth finger after it’s been applied.

Applying Em Cosmetics’ Sweet Memory eyeshadow to the center of the eyelid

Now let’s go into Sweet Memory, a beautiful coppery shade. The color payoff on this shade is seriously no joke! Using a smaller, flat eyeshadow brush from Urban Decay, I’m applying the shadow onto my center eyelid then slowly blending it upwards so it mingles with the orange shade effortlessly.

Applying Em Cosmetics’ eyeshadow Eden to the outer corner of the eye

Now let’s add more dimension to the eyes with a dark shade. Using a small blending brush, I am going into the russett brown shade called Eden to apply onto my outer corner. Gently swiping the brush side to side, I am also pulling the color diagonally up to create an elongated, soft cat eye shape.

Blend out any harsh edges with a clean blending brush

Going into a different blending brush from Urban Decay, I am going to soften up the edges by fully blending in all the colors. I do notice that the mattes in this palette take more work to blend than the shimmers.

Eyeshadow almost look complete! Apply Eden to the lower lashline too.

To create a more cohesive look, I am going also apply Eden, the dark russsett brown shade, to my lower lashline.

Perk up the eyes by applying the shade Nostalgia to the inner corners.

Now let’s go into the lighter, shimmery shade called Nostalgia. Unfortunately this palette doesn’t have a true highlight shade, so I’ll be using this in my inner corners instead. With the orange eye makeup, I think this shade will perk things up and bring more attention to my eyes.

Tightline The Eyes

Line your upper and lower lashline with a dark brown eyeliner!

Now let’s tightline the upper and lower lashline with some brown eyeliner.

Apply The Heaven’s Glow Veil Blush In Faded Clementine

Here is the Em Cosmetics Heaven’s Glow Veil Blush in Faded Clementine! Isn’t the swatch of the blush lovely?

This Faded Clementine blush from Em Cosmetics is honestly my favorite blush at the moment. The warm peachy, tangerine shade is so easy to wear and I love the healthy, magical flush it creates on my cheeks.

Apply the Em Cosmetics Faded Clementine blush on your cheeks and nose bridge for a magical flush

Using a blush brush, I am using circular motions to swirl the blush around my entire cheek area. Just to make things more cohesive and interesting, I’m also going to apply the blush on the top of my nose bridge. I’m definitely flushed.

Apply Your Favorite Mascara

Applying mascara to the top and bottom lashes

To make the eye look pop, use your favorite mascara on the top and lower lashes.

Apply The Faded Clementine Lip Cloud

Em Cosmetics Faded Clementine Lip Cloud. It’s a vivid, deep orange shade

We’re almost done with the Faded Clementine look! Let’s use the Faded Clementine Lip Cloud as well.

Blending out Faded Clementine on the lips so it creates a softer look

Because the eye look and blush is already so strong, I don’t want to bring too much attention to the lips. Applying a minimal amount to the center of my lower lip, I am going to use my fingers to generously blend it out until it looks like a soft stain.

Optional: Apply False Lashes For More “Oomph”!

For more va-va-voom, feel free to apply false lashes as well! I have been loving the Wispies from the brand called Kiss.

The Finished Look

And we are done! Thank you so much for reading, I hope my two cents on all these products help you in your purchasing decisions. Here are some photos of the finished look:

I’ll be coming out with a Venetian Rose eyeshadow palette review and tutorial soon,.

Let me know in the comments down below what summer look you’ve been enjoying!

Stay safe, keep shining, and I’ll see you in the next one.