Hiiii! I’m back with another makeup look — today I wanted to share a makeup tutorial on how to create the perfect winged cat liner for Asian monolid eyes.

Now, I know winged cat liner tutorials have been done so many times but I thought one more wouldn’t hurt. 😉 I just love the drama that a good eyeliner can add when it’s done right! It just gives off that I’m-A-Mysterious-Badass kind of vibes which is perfect for an evening out with your girlfriends and/or partner.

I recently bought the Pat McGrath eyeliner in Xtreme Black and my immediate thought was: I have to use this to create a dramatic liner look!

Makeup video and tutorial is down below. Enjoy and let me know in the comments which eyeliner you have been enjoying the most in your own collection 🙂 I’ve been looking to grow my own eyeliner collection so I’d love to know what you are using too.

As always, Foundation First!

Let’s start with the base makeup. This is my holy grail foundation, the BarePRO Foundation. Though I’ve used many different foundations, this is the one that I always come back to.

True Story: I actually went to Sephora to try out the new Shiseido Synchro Skin Radiant Lifting Foundation. I was not a fan of the finish whatsoever and changed back to my trusty, old Bareminerals. I still will be trying out other foundations but will definitely keep a BarePRO backup handy just in case 😛

One pump of foundation is usually enough to cover my entire face and neck! Using a wet Beauty Blender, I am gently blending out the foundation to even out my skin tone.

Conceal It Away~!

Now let’s go into the NARS Creamy Concealer. This has been another product that I repeatedly come back to, time and time again. I simply love the creamy consistency of the product; in addition, the way it easily blends seamlessly into the skin is also a major plus. Sometimes I’ll get the Grass-Is-Greener mentality and try out other concealers because I forget how good this one is. And I always end up coming back to this one by NARS, lol.

I recently adopted a new method of using only minimal amounts of concealer on my face. I only apply two dots to my undereye area: one in the inner corner, one near the outer corner of my eye. And of course, I’ll apply concealer to any other areas that have redness and/or pimples.

Before, I used copious amount of concealer to almost create a second layer of foundation. But I’m just not a fan of the cakey look anymore and have been craving a more natural look. This method has been working out much better for me. 🙂

I am gently pressing the damp Beauty Blender into my skin to blend out the concealer. For the outer corner of my eyes, I like to blend the concealer diagonally up to give a “lifted” look.

Set That Makeup, Girl!

Now let’s set the base makeup with some powder. I have been loving this Kat Von D translucent loose powder, it’s finely milled.

I’m pressing my Laura Mercier puff into the powder. Then folding the puff in half, I am rubbing the puff until the powder is dispersed evenly. Gently press the puff onto your skin, focusing especially on the areas where you applied concealer.

Prep Dem Eyes

I am prepping the eyes with eye primer. What I love about eye primers is its waxy texture – it does a great job of keeping my eyeshadows lasting the entire day. For those of you who have oily lids and/or watery eyes, this is a must to keep your makeup in tact.

I used to use concealer but my makeup would always fade after a couple of hours. It didn’t work well for me, so I’ve been more than happy to go back to primers again! This one by Urban Decay is a great one to start with.

I’m putting primer along my inner corners as well because later on I will be using liner in that area. It’s an area where my eyes tend to water a lot, and I want to make sure my eyeliner doesn’t break down.

Afterwards use your fingers to blend it out well.

Basic Eyeshadow

Today’s eye makeup is pretty basic. Taking a warm brown eyeshadow, I am blending it generously onto my entire eyelid and lower lashline.

Line the eyes like the badass you are

Now let’s create a strong cat eyeliner with this Pat McGrath black eyeliner. When you are using pencil as creamy as this one, it’s a good idea to sharpen the pencil so you get the best accuracy. Dull pencils will leave more room for error as you draw on the liner. Here’s what mine looks like after I sharpened it!

Now let’s slowly and carefully tightline the upper lashline. This will create the illusion that my lashes are thicker!

I have a love/hate relationship with this Pat McGrath pencil – it’s extremely creamy and a true black shade which is great! But it’s not waterproof, which was a bit of a bummer. 🙁 For a smudged eye look, this pencil is perfect.

Now let’s draw a beautiful winged liner. First draw a diagonal line that is aligned with the waterline of your lower lashes. Then fill in the outer corner until you’ve created a small triangle. For a sharper cat eye, I like to use the tip of my finger to gently pull the liner up higher.

Now this is the tricky part: you have to make both eyes symmetrical! As I line the other eye, I am periodically checking both eyes to make sure they’re looking similar. The reality is though, that sometimes it can be difficult to create that symmetry.

To create the best accuracy, I’m using an angled eyeliner brush to shape my winged liner. This requires patience; take your time to line them up to the best of your ability.

Brown liners can look less harsh on the eyes

Now let’s go into a brown liner to line the inner corners and lower lashline. Though I love using black liners on my upper lashline, I personally find it makes my eyes look too harsh when I also apply it on my lower lashline.

Dark brown eyeliners look easier on my eyes while still creating that drama 😉 By the way, I highly recommend this one from Beauty People — they didn’t name it “Super Waterproof Gel Eye Liner Pencil” for no reason. Once this gel eyeliner sets on your eyes, it’s not going anywhere.

Draw The Inner Corners

For more drama, I’m going to draw a sharp edge in my inner corners as well. Pull your chin down and relax your mouth. This will help you to relax your face and carefully draw the inner corners better.

Create a small dot where you want the liner to end first. Then pull the liner up diagonally up to connect with the upper lashline area. Do the same iwth the lower lashline as well. Here is how the makeup looks once the inner corners have been drawn in:

Lash it up!

I have been enjoying this Kush mascara from Milk lately! It doesn’t volumize but it does a wonderful job of elongating my lashes. Apply it both to your upper and lower lashes.

Now let’s Blush it up

Isn’t this Em Cosmetics blush so cute?! I am using one drop and applying the product directly onto my face. Blend it out with your fingers.

Can’t finish a look without lipstick, of course!

A swatch of the Fenty Beauty slip Shine Sheer Lipstick in “Makeout Break”

For a low key look, I am using this Fenty Beauty lipstick. The shade itself is very lovely, but I am not a fan of this lipstick because it shows every crevice of my lips in an unflattering way. But, it’ll do for a natural, easy makeup look.

Finished Look

And we are finished! Thank you so much for reading. 🙂 Please let me know in the comments which eyeliner you have been enjoying the most in your own collection 🙂 I’ve been looking to grow my own eyeliner collection so I’d love to know what you are using too!