I’ve always been a fan of romantic, dusty rose eyeshadows. In my humble opinion, it’s a color palette that looks universally gorgeous on a variety of skin tones.

When I heard that Em Cosmetics had released their own eyeshadow palette of rosy pinks, I knew I had to check it out. In this blog post, Today I’ll be reviewing and sharing my two cents on the Em Cosmetics Divine Skies, Venetian Rose eyeshadow palette. This palette has beautiful pinks and browns, that (dare I say it?) reminds me of a more mature, condensed version of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.

I certainly love the name of the palette, it evokes a yearning for me to be in Venice, fancily sipping on an espresso while holding a rose. But I digress, lol.

I created a Venetian Rose makeup look using only Em Cosmetics products, so if you’re also interested in learning more about the brand and their products, please keep reading.

I also have a video here if you prefer to watch it that way 🙂

Apply the Daydream Cushion in “Cloud Dream”

Let’s start off with the base makeup. I am using the Em Cosmetics Daydream Cushion in Cloud Dream. This is the lightest shade they have in their collection, and I love how easy it is to apply. My skin has darkened a little because of the hot sun here in LA, so the shade is just a tad bit light for me… but I love how the finish is so natural. It just looks like skin.

Another thing I really love about this product is how buildable the coverage is. Using the pointy side of the sponge, I’m going to apply an extra layer to my undereye and nose. This will act as my concealer.

The Venetian Rose Eyeshadow Palette Review

Okay, so here’s the star of the show: the Venetian Rose eyeshadow palette! The packaging is exactly the same as the previous Magic Hour and Faded Clementine palettes except for the color which is pink. This palette reminds me of a mini version of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette with the lovely pinks and muted browns.

And here I am swatching all the shades for you on my arm.

Even though it is a small eyeshadow palette, it won’t be a problem for you to take this on-the-go and create a variety of eyeshadow looks with it. This palette is well balanced with three shimmery shades and three matte shades:

  • The sparkly shade called Honeymoon which will be great to highlight the inner corners and brow bone
  • The two transitional matte shades called Cherish and Venetian Rose which will be great to use in the crease area
  • The two lovely pops of color called Charm and Embrace which will be perfect for the center of the eyelid
  • One warm, medium brown shade called Always which you can use in the crease and outer corner area of your eyes

As you can tell from the swatches, all shades are pigmented and blend fairly well. They didn’t show up patchy which you can see in pics down below as I apply the eyeshadows.

If you are looking for a new eyeshadow palette to substitute the much larger Naked 3 palette, this may be a good choice for you.

However, here’s the con for me: this lovely eyeshadow palette retails for a whopping $40. It is definitely on the pricier side and there are more affordable choices out there that also provide similar shades.

On a scale of 1-5 (1 being the worst, 5 being the best), I would say it’s a strong 4.

Applying Eyeshadow

Using the shade called Cherish, I’m applying it all over my eyelid with a fluffy blending brush. This is the perfect transition shade in my opinion, not too dark, not too light. It’s a brown that’s more on the reddish side, but I think this color will universally flatter anyone.

To add a fun pop of color, I’m also going to apply Venetian Rose on top of Cherish. Though neutral browns look great, sometimes adding that extra pop of color makes the eye look so much more interesting, don’t you think?

Next, going into the sparkly shadow called Charm, I’m going to apply this to the center of my eyelid. This shade reminds me of Ruby Red grapefruit juice and I love how pigmented it is. It draws a lot of attention to the eyes and is the perfect shade to use in your makeup look for a date night.

To intensify the look, I am going into the shade called Always. Using a dense eyeshadow brush, I’m starting at the outer corner before gently pulling the color in towards the center of my eyelid.

I’m using all the shadows today, lol! Taking Embrace on my finger, I’m applying it only to the center of my eyelid for even more sparkle.

Line Your Eyes

With a wet angled eyeliner brush, I’m going back into Always. I’ll be using this shade as my eyeliner today because I’m digging a softer, more romantic eye look. By the way, I was surprised by how easily the wet eyeshadow glided on! I definitely think the pigmented formula of the eyeshadow plays a part in it.

Using whatever is leftover on the brush, I’m going to also create a tiny wing on my lower lashline like so.

Highlight The Browbone

I’ll be killing two birds with one stone by using Honeymoon as my highlighter as well! Let’s use it to highlight the brow bone.

My face is oval shaped and on the flatter side, so I do welcome any opportunities to enhance the highest points of my face. Using the same shade, I’m highlighting the nose bridge and tops of my cheekbones.

Apply Mascara To Your Lashes

Apply your favorite mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

Apply The Venetian Rose Blush

Now let’s move onto blush! Today I’ll be using the Venetian Rose blush which compliments the eyeshadow palette perfectly. It’s a lovely dusty rose shade and I love how buildable it is! You can definitely wear it for an everyday look or wear it heavier in the evening for a night out.

To give this makeup look an interesting twist, I decided to apply my blush in a non-traditional area: on my cheekbones near the eye! I don’t apply blush here often but bringing the blush up near the eyes creates a more cohesive look, especially for a monochrome dusty rose makeup look.

Apply The Morning Dew Lip Gloss in “Quartz”

And here is our last step! I am applying Em Cosmetics Morning Dew Lip Gloss in “Quartz” all over my lips.

I love how the applicator bends easily at your every whim; it gently hugs the lip as you apply the lip gloss and does provide accuracy as well so the lipgloss doesn’t go past your lip line. My favorite part is the finish: it makes your lips look like it’s been soaked in liquid crystal! The shiny, glossy finish is definitely a eyecatching for sure.

The Finished Look

And we are done! Here is my finished look:

I hope this review and makeup look helps you in your purchasing decision of the Em Cosmetics Venetian Rose line! Please let me know what Em Cosmetics product you have been loving in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

Stay safe, stay golden, and I’ll see you in the next one,