Autumn is officially upon us and I hope you are all feeling the festive holiday spirits! Usually I’m all for warm toasty makeup looks to celebrate… but cool taupe eyes with a fabulous red lip was calling out to me this season.

I have been loving Mac Cosmetics nowadays and decided to create a makeup look using majority of their products. Here is a video format for this tutorial. Or you can continue reading down below for my written breakdown as well! 🙂


First, let’s even out the skintone with my trusty ol’ Bareminerals BarePRO foundation! This is my holy grail foundation that I have diligently been using for 8+ years (might be time to try some different brands, lol)

I love how natural my skin looks and I really dig the matte finish as well. One pump is usually enough for my entire fae and neck. Using a wet Beauty Blender sponge, I’m patting the product in for even skintone.


As I am human, I have imperfections on my face like my dark undereyes, darkness around the corner of my mouth, and the redness around my nose.

I am using Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty concealer in shade 190W to cover them up. It’s not my favorite concealer in the world, but it does get the job done. I am using minimal amounts in the areas needed so that I avoid a cakey look. Using the pointy side of the Beauty Blender, I am gently pressing the product in so I get maximum coverage with perfect blending into the skin.

Eye Primer

I recently discovered MAC Cosmetic’s Soft Ochre Paint Pot, and this has quickly reached holy grail status for me! I love how the shade matches my skintone perfectly and how it neutralizes the tinge of red on my eyelids.

I definitely like this one better than Urban Decay’s primer potion, which makes my eyes water (blegh).


Here I am using MAC Cosmetic’s Omega eyeshadow, which is the perfect transition shade for any eye look.

Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, I am first applying it to the outer corners of my eyes for more depth before blending it out to the entire lid. I’m also pulling the color diagonally out for more length.

Next, going into a smaller, more compact brush, I’m using the same shade to my lower lashline.

This eyeshadow is the star of the show. Mac Cosmetic’s “Satin Taupe” eyeshadow is so pigmented and buttery soft! I love how buildable the shade is; it can be a light, dusty shimmer or be used as an opaque, strong eye look too.

Because it’s so easy to blend, I’ll be using my fingers to apply onto my eyes. I’m using a mix of patting and swiping motions to apply the shadow with my fourth finger. Once it’s on the center of the eyelid, I’m carefully using a window wiper motion to pull the color up higher towards my brow bone.

Just to make sure there’s no patchy areas, I’m smoothing out the edges with a brush so it’s a smooth, smokey look. Take your time with this part!This is the moment to double check that both eyes look symmetrical.

Going in with a smaller, pointed brush, I’m darkening the outer corners with more Satin Taupe to bring more depth to the eyes. Now to bring balance to the eyes, I’m also applying it to the lower lashline too.

Line The Eyes

I have used Kat Von D’s pen liner in Trooper for years now. It certainly gets the job done, which I like. For those of you who have shaky hands, here’s a tip when you’re applying your liner: press the heel of your hand onto your cheek. This will create more stability!

I’m carefully drawing small strokes as close to my lashes as possible.

Tightline the Eyes

Do not underestimate Sephora’s pencil liners – holy moley, this is such a creamy eyeliner that is easy to apply, doesn’t break the bank, and has true staying power once it’s dried. I believe it’s around $15? I’m tightlining and filling in any gaps that the Kat Von D pen liner missed.

Highlight The Eyes

Going into Dior’s highlighting palette, I’m going to apply this shimmery brown shade to the center of my eyelid for a bit more oomph.

Lash It Up

I have short Asian lashes, so you know a sister can use all the help she can get with this Shiseido lash curler.

This is one of my favorite mascaras, it does a phenomenal job at lengthening and volumizing my lashes.


Before I apply lipstick, I am drawing on my lips with Mac’s Chicory lip liner. I’m usually not a fan of lip liners, but I do feel it’s a must for the perfect red lip. It helps the lip color to last longer and a bleeding red lip line definitely isn’t cute.

Before I apply lipstick, I am drawing on my lips with Mac’s Chicory lip liner. I’m usually not a fan of lip liners, but I do feel it’s a must for the perfect red lip. It helps the lip color to last longer and a bleeding red lip line definitely isn’t cute.


I have been loving this Mac Gingerly blush. It’s a very wearable red blush that applies evenly but is also buildable. I think it compliments the eyes and lips well, cohesively tying the look together.

Contour The Face

Next I am using my good ol’ trusty contour palette from Kat Von D. I am going around the perimeters of my face to chisel out my features a bit more.

Draw In The Brows

I recently transitioned from a warm toned brow product to an ashy brown, and I think it works better for me! This brow wiz pencil does a great job at creating fine strokes to mimic brow hairs.

Just to fill in sparse areas, I’m going back in with the matching brow powder in Ash Brown. I am using the angled Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil… I highly recommend this brow brush, I’ve been using this one diligently for eight years now? It’s the best makeup brush purchase I’ve ever made.

The Finished Look

And we are done! Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

If you’d like to see more festive makeup looks for the autumn/winter seasons, check my Warm Caramel Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial!

Stay safe, stay golden, and I’ll see you in the next one,