There is something in the air this month because I am seriously feeling the holiday festivities this year. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season so far! We are less than two weeks away from Christmas 🙂

I created a red toned eyeshadow makeup look that’s inspired by the holidays! Using the Pat McGrath Bronze Seduction palette, I had a blast creating this look.

You can either watch the video here (or down below as well!) or keep on reading to see how I created this look!

Apply Foundation

To start, I am using my trusty Bareminerals BarePro Foundation in shade no. 8, Golden Ivory! I have been using this foundation for years now.

Anytime I become disloyal and use other foundations, I end up comparing it to this one… then, alas! I end up returning to my holy grail foundation again, lol. One pump is simply enough to do your entire face and neck. I love the natural matte finish and how easily it wears on my skin. Sometimes I forget I’m wearing foundation!

Covering the dark circles and any blemishes

I have also been using the Nars Cosmetics’ Radiant Creamy Concealer for years. Here I am using the shade Custard. It does a great job at covering my dark circles and redness around my nose area.

Once I apply small dots on the areas that need coverage, I blended it all out with my Beauty Blender.

Set the Base Makeup with Powder

To set my concealer and foundation, I’m using KVD (aka Kat Von D) Beauty’s Lock-It Setting powder. To apply the loose setting powder, I am using the Laura Mercier powder puff. For those who are unfamiliar on how to use a puff:

  • Press the puff into the powder
  • Afterwards, fold the puff in half, using two hands to hold each side of the folded puff.
  • Using a back and forth motion, rub the two sides of the puff together until the powder is evenly distributed

And voila! You are ready to press it into your skin and set your makeup. 🙂

Prime the Eyes with MAC Paint Pot

We are about to get started with our eye makeup, so that means we have to prime our eyes!

Priming my eyes is a crucial step for me – it helps the eyeshadow to apply more opaquely and blend more easily. Additionally, it helps with longevity so that your eye makeup stays strong til the end of the day!

Here I am using my favorite eye primer by MAC Cosmetics, paint pot in the shade Soft Ochre. This one does a great job at neutralizing the color of my lids and it doesn’t make my eye water.

Pat McGrath’s Mothership V: Bronze Seduction Palette

This is my first time ever using the Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette! Not going to lie, I was a little intimidated about using this palette because it costs a whopping $128 USD. My bank account is saying, “Ouch” lol.

I started out with the medium brown eyeshadow. Using a fluffy eye brush, I applied it along the crease and eyelid while mainly focusing the color towards the outer corner.

Next I went into the two darkest shades in this collection. Using my pointy MAC eye brush in 219S, I focused it on the outer corner to darken and intensify the eyelook. To create a more elongated eye shape, I also intentionally pulled up the color diagonally.

Using the same fluffy eye brush from the previous step, I softly blended out the colors for a seamless look.

This red eyeshadow definitely screams attention! I think it’s also the perfect shade for the holidays.

Using my fourth finger, I applied the shade to the center of my eyelid.

Using a small, flat eyebrush like this one from Urban Decay, I gently blended out the color.

For an extra pop of color, I’m additionally applying a hint of the red shade onto the center of my lower lashline.

Last eyeshadow! Using a small eyebrush, I’m highlighting the inner corner of my eyes with this sparkly shadow.

Line the Eyes with KVD Beauty

Onto the next step – lining the eyes! I am using KVD Beauty’s Tattoo Liner in Trooper. To match the shape of my eyeshadow, I drew a winged liner shape.

Because I am not genetically blessed with the longest lashes, I am manually drawing in vertical lines onto my lower lashline. It might look crazy initially, but once we apply masacara it’ll give the illusion of fuller lashes.

Apply Mascara

Now let’s apply mascara! To make the lashes look fuller, I love to start at the base and wiggle the wand sideways as I pull away from the lashes.

Apply False Lashes

For this tutorial I am using the WX0S lashes from the brand called Darkness! I wanted a more natural feel, hence why I am using a shorter length of lashes.

Do make sure to bend the lash band back and forth before applying, as it will make it easier for the false lashes to hug your eyelid better. I have noticed that the lash bands from Darkness are more on the stiff side; they are easier to apply once you break them in.

Bring some color to your lips!

To match the eyes, I am using a deep brown/reddish lipstick by Bareminerals called Scandal. It’s the perfect lip color to wear out in the winter evenings!

Blush up those cheeks

We’re almost done!

To tie the eyes and lips together, I am using a lovely vintage rose shade from Em Cosmetics’Heaven’s Glow Blush in the shade Venetian Rose.

Draw the brows in

And last but not least, I am drawing in the brows to complete the makeup.

And we are finished!

Here are photos of the finished look:

For a similar holiday inspired makeup look, please check out the Red Lips, Taupe Eyes Glam makeup look here!

This holiday season, I hope you all have a restful, safe, and loving time with your loved ones. If you got to the end of this entry, please leave me a comment down below answering this question: What are you thankful for this holiday season?

I would love to know 🙂

As for me, I am thankful for the time off to recuperate, rejuvenate and reflect on what happened in 2022.

Stay safe, stay golden! I’ll see you in the next one,