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28 Things I Would Say To My Younger Self


My 28th birthday just happened in November so I thought I would collect all the knowledge and new experiences I’ve gained in 2019… and make a video about it!

My younger self was painfully awkward, extremely shy, doubtful about everything, and meek. When I was a teenager, life felt unpredictable because I just wasn’t sure who tf I was. So here it is – 28 things that I would say to my younger self.

And I have a questions for you too, readers – what words would you use to describe your younger self? Tell me one thing you would say to that child if you could. 🙂

  1. Cash is KING. Don’t spend more than you earn.
  2. Stop trying to be so perfect. Instead, aim for EXCELLENCE.
  3. When in doubt, breathe. When you feel anxiety, breathe. When you’re stressed, breathe. Breathing is so good for you.
  4. There is nothing glorious about not sleeping well, not eating well, or not hydrating well. Take care of your self, because no one’s going to do it for you.
  5. Self Love does not equate to “treat yo-self.” It’s called discipline – you need to wake up every day, do the tedious, tough things that you don’t want to do in the moment, but will make you feel better in the long run.
  6. Be more mindful of how you spend your money.
  7. Nothing external can fill up the emptiness. Fill your mind and soul with good books, music, interviews of inspiring people, friends, stories, etc.
  8. Being grateful every day, especially in the low moments, will help keep the depression away.
  9. Therapy is the bomb dot com.
  10. Having mentors in my life, changed me. Molded me. And I’m thankful for it. Find people better than you, and learn from them. Be grateful for them.
  11. There is power in saying no.
  12. It really does get better. Hang in there, and keep chugging along.
  13. Life is short. Have fun.
  14. It is absolutely okay to let go.
  15. Having a social life is so important. Us humans are not meant to be loners for too long – we need to interact and support one another.
  16. If you want something, put your head down and just get to work. Stop worrying about all the small details. The longer, more consistently you grind, the better the outcome.
  17. Everything that happened when you were a minor was not your fault.
  18. Everything that you chose to do in adulthood, is. You are your own responsibility. It can be burdensome, but once you embrace it, it’s exhilarating to know you can choose your own path. And own up to your own mistakes.
  19. Anyone who tries to take away your dignity, your choice as a woman and as a human being… cut them out of your life.
  20. Don’t wait for other people to make the first move. You can be the first one to reach out too – say hello first, call them first, ask them out to dinner. People are just as hesitant as you are about rejection.
  21. Nothing ever stays secret. Be mindful of how you speak of others and yourself. Words really do cut deep into the bone.
  22. Working out is so important. It keeps the depression and anxiety away, makes you more confident, more tolerant of everyday life’s BS, and empowers you to push on. Keep being consistent with it, it’s one of the best investments you can make towards yourself.
  23. Before you buy something, always ask yourself, “Do I really need it?”
  24. Having lots of materialistic things is not sexy. Having a fully funded ER savings, an IRA, and no debt IS.
  25. Don’t read books you have no interest in, just because it was on some bestseller’s list. Read what piques your curiosity.
  26. Life feels better when you stop pretending to be someone you’re not.
  27. Just because you shout louder doesn’t mean people are going to listen to you. Speak quietly, diplomatically. Explain your point of view instead of assuming everyone should automatically understand it.
  28. There is no version of success, so stop trying to fit into this cookie-cutter version that’s not going to make you happy. Create your own version of success.

10 Tips to Fight Burnout

Hello again!

This time I created a new video about how to tackle burnout.

Most of us have experienced burnout. It’s the last few weeks before school final exams or a humongous work deadline is approaching… and instead of feeling pumped to take on the challenge like you usually do, you’re suddenly dragging your feet. You don’t feel inspired like you used to. No matter how much you sleep/rest, there’s no relief. All you feel is a sense of dread.

Burnout is so REAL. Life can feel overwhelming and the last thing you want to do is execute self-care on yourself. These are my ten tips on how I push through the fatigue, lethargy, the lack-of motivation so I can rejuvenate my body, mind, and soul. They’re nothing mindblowing; it’s all stuff you’ve probably read online or heard from others. But sometimes, it’s good to have a nice reminder. 😉

On a side note, this video took three tries to film, haha. *hotmess*



  1. Hydration: When in doubt, just chug some water down. When I’m going throughout my day, I kid you not, I literally forget to drink water. And what a hindrance dehydration can be! You can’t focus, you’re constantly tired, and you feel even less productive.
  2. Get some good sleep: When I don’t get enough rest, I start wishing I was six feet under and never have to get up another day in my life.
    However when I do rest enough, I feel like I can handle the entire world; my coping mechanism feels strong and I feel I can handle any challenges thrown my way.
  3. Hang out with good friends who GIVE BACK positive energy to you: If you’re an introvert like me, you probably find it very difficult to make time to hang out with others. But it’s important to surround yourself with people you really LIKE and whose company you really ENJOY. Acquaintances at school or work don’t necessarily count as friends. Hang out with those who elevate you and give back positive energy.
  4. Hot bath with Epsom salt: Need I say more? This is just the bomb dot com.
  5. Write it down/Journal: Especially when we’re stressed and burnt out, there are so many thoughts and obligations swimming through our heads that just existing feels overwhelming. Vomit your thoughts onto paper whether it’s doodling aimlessly, writing a long journal entry, listing all your thoughts, drawing graphs, etc. It helps to clear the brain department so you have clarity on what your next goals are.
  6. Practice your favorite hobby – go back to the things you love!: When we’re burnt out, we’re in survival mode and forget all the small activities that bring us so much joy.
    Take a break and practice your favorite hobby. Yes, life involves working hard. On the other hand, also remember that there’s nothing wrong with having fun; in fact, it’s necessary to reward ourselves so we live out happy lives.
  7. Remember: This Too Shall Pass: When I was a teenager, my emotions were a hot mess. I remember feeling sad and thinking this was how I was going to feel for the rest of my life (sidenote: not true, btw).
    Now that I’m an adult, I know that in life there are no plateaus – there are many valleys and peaks. Even during the difficult moments, remember that This Too Shall Pass. You got this. Everything is going to be okay, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  8. Choose to respect yourself: This one is a BIG ONE for me because when I’m feeling unhappy, I immediately go into a victim state-of-mind. I do pinpoint out the problem (which is good), but instead of taking charge and trying to fix the problem I end up taking a backseat in my own life. I start waiting for others to approach me, validate me, recognize me, etc. And while I’m in my ‘Woe-Is-Me’ state of mind, I feel resentment and beat myself up mentally.
    This is so unhealthy. Choose to respect yourself. Decide to go the difficult route of affirming yourself, validating yourself, and fixing your own problems. Don’t wait for others to save you. Take responsibility for your own life.
  9. Exercise: Endorphins are good for you! The hardest part is just entering the gym; once you’re there, it’s all good stuff!
  10. Unplug: Be in the moment: Turn off the phone, computer, TV, etc. Go outside, be with nature, and be in the moment.

Hope this helps you guys out.


Key to happiness? Gratitude.

Hey guys! For those of you who celebrate Turkey Day – HAPPY BELATED THANKSGIVING! Let’s all take this as a reminder to be thankful 365 days out of the year, not just a couple days. 😉

My life is definitely not perfect, but compared to a couple of years ago, I’m doing a lot better. Back then, I wasn’t straying from the path getting distracted hardcore partying, drinking, etc.; instead, I was on the opposite end of the life spectrum. I was trying way too hard to be perfect with EVERYTHING.

So here I was on this self-destructive journey where I would try to work really hard in short bursts of motivation and energy. Little did I know that life isn’t a race, it’s truly a marathon. After a couple of months I would burn out, crash, and have to reset. It became a repeating pattern. I felt like I couldn’t even stop to smell the roses, look up at the sky, or take a deep breath in; it always felt like I was running against the clock.

I am now trying to break that bad habit by keeping a journal. It has pushed me to slow down in life and give me time to reflect on all the things I do have…instead of always focusing on what I don’t have.

Just three things that I’m grateful for. On bad days, I’m merely grateful that I have the knowledge that ‘this too shall pass’. On good days, I’m grateful for everything – that I’m alive, that I got to see the sun, drive around in my beautiful car, etc.

In addition, because I can have a defeatist attitude at times, I write down three things I accomplished that day. It can be the simplest of tasks, such as: I woke up early today! I washed the dishes. I went grocery shopping instead of eating out. Or it can be big things: I finally turned in that document I’ve been working on for weeks. I paid off all my debt. I forgave someone who really hurt me in my life.

Sometimes there’s no better cheerleader than yourself. It’s so healthy for our souls when we step back and are grateful; it’s also very healthy to give yourself a mental pat on the back.

Do you keep a gratitude journal? How do you battle your own blues in your life? 😉